About Hakaya Misk
Hakaya Misk is one of the Misk Foundation initiatives which started its journey in 2016 as a Saudi-led event that inspires creative people. It is the largest gathering of youth who has creative talents in all fields of storytelling, from all over the world. Hakaya (which means stories) focuses on content creation in its many forms: writing, drawing, animation, and production. It provides youth with an opportunity to polish their talents throughout its diverse program. Hakaya Misk is delivered in various Saudi cities to provide training opportunities to young creative talents

About the Application:-

Hakaya Misk application allows you to keep in touch with the latest updates regarding Hakaya and enables you to share your experience and thoughts about the event. It creates a community where you can be one of its members by registering as an individual or as a company. Companies can create their own page to share services and products through the company profile also they can offer different opportunities to Hakaya Misk community. Individuals who have registered on the application will be able to view the event information and program as well as register in its workshops. The application allows both(individuals and companies) to communicate and interact with each other by sharing their feedback about Hakaya and getting access to the exclusive resources and plenty of opportunities that are available on the application.